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Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle has built a reputation as one of the most accomplished general consultants and media strategists in the Democratic Party. Over the last 25 years, Bob has directed successful campaigns at every level and demonstrated a command of every facet of political consulting.  His experience ranges from campaign management to redistricting strategy, media strategy and placement to national fundraising, private sector media advocacy to public policy.

In 2012, Bob helped quarterback Main Street’s media work for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s nationally targeted open seat win in Orlando.  He was senior advisor to U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly’s remarkable red-state win in Indiana.  And, Bob was a general consultant to the pro-environmental group Ocean Champions and was hired by House Majority PAC to put together a digital and online media campaign for a nationally targeted U.S. House race in Florida.

Before joining Main Street as Vice President, Bob was President of Sutter’s Mill Fundraising and Strategy, a nationally-recognized fund raising and general consulting firm based on Capitol Hill.  At Sutter’s, Bob was the top general consultant specializing in U.S. House politics in the Democratic Party as he built a 24-8 record on targeted races.  He was twice recognized by Roll Call as one of the top Democratic consultants; he was selected as a “Rising Star” by Campaigns and Elections magazine in 1998 and NBC political director Chuck Todd (then editor of the Hotline) wrote that Bob’s clients “ought to be grateful” for his advocacy within the DC community.

Bob is well-known for taking on some of the most targeted, competitive races in the nation.  In 1998, Bob helped Rep. Dennis Moore (KS) win a House seat that hadn’t been Democratic in 38 years and Rep. Ken Lucas (KY) win a House seat that had been not been won by a Democrat since 1964. Those seats were the two most Republican performing districts won by Democrats in the nation! In 2000, Bob helped Rep. Mike Ross (AR) become the only non-California Democrat to defeat a GOP incumbent and helped Brad Carson (OK) become the only southern Democrat to win a GOP-held open seat for Congress.

In 2002, Bob compiled a perfect 6-0 record in House open seats, including key targeted wins by Rep. Mike Michaud (ME) and Rep. Lincoln Davis (TN) and competitive primary wins in strong Democratic districts by Rep. Denise Majette (GA) and David Scott (GA).  In 2004, Bob’s House incumbent clients were 7-0 (3 nationally targeted) in a very challenging year.  In 2006, Bob helped elect 6 new Members of the House, including Rep. Joe Donnelly (IN) who won one of the most targeted, expensive races in the country while ousting a veteran House GOP incumbent.  And in 2010, Bob won 2 of the 3 races he took on as general consultant helping to direct tight wins for Reps. Donnelly and Sanford Bishop (GA).

Bob began his political career as a finance and field staffer for Rep. Dick Gephardt’s 1988 presidential campaign.  In 1992 he was operations director for Rep. Tom Carper’s (DE) successful gubernatorial race.  In 1994 he worked for the Victory Committee for the Florida State Senate caucus.  In 1995, Bob was Deputy Staff Director for the Majority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives where he created and directed the incumbency protection program.   And in 1996, Bob managed Rep. Allen Boyd’s (FL) nationally targeted open seat win and then came to Capitol Hill as Boyd’s Chief of Staff.

Throughout his career, Bob’s client list has always been ideologically and racially diverse encompassing Blue Dog districts in the Deep South to African-American majority districts to competitive Midwestern populist-oriented districts.  The common thread is Bob’s commitment to tough, aggressive, effectively disciplined campaigns that are always positioned to win.

Bob fancies himself an accomplished home chef and golfer, and is a devout Bruce Springsteen fan. Bob and his wife Mary live in Tallahassee, Florida and spend as much time as they can with their wonderful children Brooke, Blair and Isabella and their precious granddaughters Brady and Brynn.

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