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Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz: “Demonstrated Ability”


In 2010, Baltimore County Councilman Kevin Kamenetz ran for County Executive — a politically powerful job in a county with 800,000 residents. While his Democratic primary opponent, fellow Councilman Joe Bartenfelder, put the vast majority of his money into direct mail, we opted to put ours on broadcast television. Despite starting out the race trailing the better-known Bartenfelder in the polls, Kamenetz ran four TV spots (three positive, one comparative) and easily won the primary by 9 points in a three-way race.

In the general, despite Republican Bob Ehrlich splitting Baltimore County with Gov. O’Malley, Kamenetz won 54%-46%. In the final week of the campaign, Kamenetz made nearly a clean sweep of the endorsements in the race, and rather than run one endorsement ad over and over, we ran two ads with the same message 50-50. The “Quiet” ad shows how we think outside of the box in our advertising.

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